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If you recognize yourself on this page, you probably need a Two Bitch Tuesday Humiliation Mistress session:: - You spend more time surfing the internet for femdom humiliation porn than you do at work each week

- You are constantly asking the women in your life (if there are any women in your life) "Is my penis big enough?" (small penis humiliation)

- Your wife asks you to shop for lingerie - because she's going on a date tonight, and it's not with you (cuckold humiliation)

- You hear someone yell "Hey asshole!" in a crowded bar and you automatically think they are talking about you

- You are constantly comparing your dick to a strap-on - and no matter how small the strap-on is, you never measure up

- You are sitting in front of a webcam with a pig nose and pink panties on

- Your forplay dirty talk consists of "will that be cash or charge?"

- You see the words "small cock humiliation" and you think to yourself, "I need some of that!"

- If any of these humiliating scenarios apply to you, you need the humiliation of not one but TWO bitchy femdommes. For a double dose of humiliation, you need Two Bitch Tuesday.

- Your fantasies involve many public humiliation scenes